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Bahiagrass Description

Bahiagrass is a low to mid maintenance grass. It is a tough, coarse bladed grass that is capable of surviving in conditions that would destroy most turf grasses. One important characteristic of Bahiagrass is it's capability to withstand weahter extremes. Bahiagrass thrives in areas where the weather extremes cycle through periods of drought to heavy rains and back to drought again. Bahiagrass is very deep rooted (Up to 8ft deep!). You will mostly find Bahiagrass in Florida and the Coastal areas of the Southern U.S. Bahiagrass will adapt to most soil conditions and will grow where many grasses would not be able to establish themselves. Bahiagrass is extremely tolerant to wear and traffic and is commonly used as a roadside grass, particularly in Florida because of its capability to withstand traffic.

There are several varieties of of Bahiagrass, Pensacola and Argentine are two of the most common. Argentine Bahiagrass is considered to be a wider leafed variety but is more sensitive to the cold and should only be used in the warmer climates within the zone range. Pensacola Bahiagrass is a thinner leafed variety that is more tolerant of cooler climes. The Argentine is considered to be a better lawn grass, predominantly because it has a darker green color then the Pensacola.


BahiaGrass Characteristics


Traffic Very High Traffic Tolerance
Type Warm Weather Grass
Acidity PH 6.5 7.5
Maintenance Medium Maintenance
Fertilizer Commercial Lawn Fertilizer preferably with Iron
Growth Rate Medium Growing
Light Full or Almost Full Sun Withstands Sun and Heat conditions other warm weather grasses wont
Watering Drought Resistant
Mowing Height 3 to 4
Propagation Seed
Salt Tolerance High
Best USDA Zones 7-11 ( Pensacola ) Southernmost 8-11 (Argentine)

USDA Info on Bahiagrass