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Bahiagrass Mowing

There are recommendations on mowing Bahiagrass that range from the low end (2.5) to the higher end (4). Anywhere in between these two should work well for your Bahiagrass lawn. I dont recommend mowing too low as Bahiagrass looses its tolerance to heat and drought if mowed to short. A 3 cut should produce the best results. Since you should never cut more then 30% of a lawns height at any given type this means you can let your Bahaiagrass lawn grow to roughly  4 and then mow it down to 3


Bahiagrass Aeration


For bahiagrass lawns aerate once a year with a core or plug type aerator. If like most Bahiagrass owners your soild is sandy it is less likely to compact so you can get away with not aerating as frequently as with other soil types. Refer to my Lawn Care section on Aerating for more information.


Bahiagrass Thatch


For Bahiagrass dethatching, follow the general recommendation for dethatching - If there is more then 1/2 of thatch present (Thatch is the presence of dead leaves and stems that build up on the surface of the soil, many times still attached to the root bundle. As a rule Thatch is really not contributed to by grass clippings but by live growth that has undergone it's growth cycle and has died off).I generally dislike dethatching for the simple reason that it has a tendency to damage turf, this is especially true for grasses that spread via rhizomes. My preference is to aerate as aerating breaks up the thatch and helps it along in the decomposition process. This is especially true for Bahiagrass. However, if your thatch has built up enough simple aeration is unlikely to provide short term relief. Try to dethatch in the Spring, prior to the heaviest growth season so that the bahiagrass has a chance to repair itself quickly. The use of a power rake is highly reccomended when dethatching Bahiagrass.