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Zoysia is a hardy summer grass. It is tolerant of high traffic conditions, drought resistant and thrives in the most northernmost areas of all the summer grasses. It is an aggressive spreader, spreading via rhizomes and at times being somewhat invasive of flower and vegetable beds. Once Zoysia is established it develops a thick growth which crowds out weeds and other undesirable growth

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Zoysia grass textures range from fine to course depending on the variety. Most varieties can be planted from seed although plugs are a popular way of planting a Zoysia lawn and are almost mandatory is planting over an old lawn where the old lawn will not be completely removed. Zoysia has good Salt tolerance so it is especially well suited for coastal use. An Undesirable (to some) characteristic of Zoysia is the fact that it turns a brown to light tan color in the winter.



Traffic Tolerance High Traffic Tolerance 
Type Warm Season Grass
Acidity PH 6.0 7.0
Maintenance LOW Maintenance, Does not require Frequent Mowing
Fertilizer Commercially available Lawn Fertilizers
Growth Rate SLOW Growing
Light: Full or Almost Full Sun somewhat shade tolerant
Watering Drought Resistant
Mowing Height 1-2
2 to 3" Via Plugs, Sprigs or Seed
Salt Tolerance High
Best USDA Zones 5(lower)-10


USDA Information on Zoysia