Bahiagrass Fertilizing and Watering

Bahiagrass Fertilizing

Fertilizing Bahiagrass schedules vary and is determined by the climate. Use the USDA zone you live in for guidance as to when to Fertilize:

Zone Map

Use the link above to locate your zone and then use the following chart as a guideline.

Zones 7 and 8 March and Aug

Zone 3 March and September

Zones 10 and 11 February and October

Fertilizer Spreader
Fertilizing With Spreader

Fertilizers rated for 16-4-8 or 15-4-15 are both good fertilizers for Bahiagrass. Fertilize with fertilizers that have an iron supplement. Iron will contribute to a darker green color in a bahia grass lawn. Fertilize with 2-4 Pounds per 1000Sq Ft of fertilizer. You can adjust depending on your zone. Use slightly more fertilizer in northern most areas and use a bit less in southern most areas.

Bahiagrass prefers a more Alkaline Soil therefore the use of lime is highly recommended. Experts recommend that you have your soil tested to determine how much lime to add. Most of us are reluctant to go to that extreme. In that case,  the recommendation is to use 40# of granular lime per 1000 Sq Ft Once per year. Lime can be applied at any time
but my preference is to apply it after aerating and fertilizing.

Lawn Sprinkler Watering
Watering With Lawn Sprinkler

Bahiagrass Watering

The watering requirements of Bahiagrass is similar to that of Fescue’s. Water only when necessary; that is, when the grass shows signs of needing water. The signs to look for in Bahiagrass are that the leaf blades begin to fold up, the leaves may turn a blue gray in color and when footprints become visible in the grass. Even them only water at the rate of ¾ to 1 inch of water.

For those of you that own a Bahiagrass lawn watering may not be a major consideration. Florida and the coastal gulf states seem to get regular rain and lawn and garden watering may not be as serious a concern to you as it may be to owners of lawn in other areas.
Lucky You!