I welcome any feedback and recommendation you may have to make this a better source of information and refrence guide to homeowners and professionals alike. Please email me uaing the contact link with suggestions, feedback or any lawn experiences you may want to share!

I am also interested in establishing links to other sites with valuable information on gardening, landscaping and lawn information, contact me with any site you would like to submit.

Please note that although I have made every attempt to make the information on this website as accurate as possible it is up to the reader to verify this advice with a local expert who can modify it to meet local climate and soil conditions as well as any other variables that may effect your lawn.

Use this guide as a general reference and whenever possible, be sure to check with a local expert or university extension as well. There are many variables that are particular to regions that may not be taken into account within this guide that a University or State extension will share freely with you.

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