Interesting and Informative Links for Lawn and Garden Care!

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Plantid- Plant Identification Markers

Plantid – Plant identification markers are a heavy-duty 9″ green stake made of a polypropylene material designed to accept and hold the identification vinyl insert. The oval shaped insert are made of a water/weather resistant uv vinyl.

Garden School – Keeping Your Garden Green
Keeping your garden green there are many things we do to add a little splash of color to our summer gardens but we often fail to focus on keeping our summer gardens looking lush and green just a little bit longer.

Laminate Floor Cleaning
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Seedland An Excellent source of information on Lawns and other Gardening activities. Also a commercial site for seeds, etc.

Walter Reeves (Gardening in Georgia) An excellent web site with a significant amount of well though out advice. Aimed at the Georgia gardener much of the advice presented here is valid for the Southeast.

USDA Plants  An excellent source of information, some of the grass varieties are sketchy in information (Unless you have a Phd in Botany) but many of them have great information in laymen terms.

This Old House A great article on weed control and prevention

Toro Yardcare A good site to learn more about lawn care.

Sod Solutions Concentrates on developing sod varieties aimed at consumer as well as commercial markets. Great information on lawn care

Growing Kentucky Bluegrass

Cleverdom FarmsGrowers of various turf grasses and an excellent source of Centipede seed.

DIYGreat site loaded with DIY projects from the simple and routine to complex and extreme

Alternatives to Roundup – A great article on non toxic alternatives to roundup

Other Interesting and Informative Links