Bermuda Grass Fertilization and Watering


Bermuda fertilization requires a more extensive fertilization schedule then other summer grasses. Three times a year, Mid April, Early June and Early September being ideal. There are some recommendations of up fertilizing up to six times a year. However, over fertilizing could lead to nitrogen burn and fast growth.Rapid growth with Bermuda can lead to it being invasive.As a result growing into flower beds or other unwanted areas.

Commercial grade lawn fertilizers (16-4-8 being an example) are fine. You should apply 4-5 pounds of Nitrogen per 1000Sq ft per year. See the section on Fertilization for an explanation of how this translates into the fertilizer you are using. Lawn Fertilization

Fertilizer Spreader



Bermuda is drought tolerant and will generally do well on a minimal watering schedule. It is recommended that you do water regularly and especially during periods of extended drought. Bermuda will survive and do well during periods of drought. However,  it will look better and recover faster if you water it during droughts.

For Turf lawns, the recommendation is that they receive a minimum of 1-2 inches of water a week, more watering will produce a healthier, better looking lawn.