Carpetgrass Dethatching Mowing and Aeration

Carpetgrass Dethatching

General Recommendation on de-thatching – If there is more then 1/2” of thatch present (Thatch is the presence of dead leaves and stems that build up on the surface of the soil). A dethatcher that cuts through the thatch is preferable. You should power rake in the spring or fall.


Carpetgrass Aeration

It is recommended that all lawns be core aerated once a year, Carpetgrass will especially benefit from this as it will help water saturate the soil. It is a good idea to use a core or plug aerator as pictured at right. This model is a pull behind type. Power core/plug aerators can be rented as well. These types of aerators will pull plugs from the soil. Subsequently giving the lawn bed room to expand.

Core Plug Lawn Aerator
Core Plug Aerator

Carpetgrass Mowing

The recommendation for carpetgrass is that it be mowed to a height of from 1 to 2”. 1 ½” is probably an ideal height, since carpetgrass is a slow grower and is considered a low maintenance lawn a taller mowing height is more desirable. Especially since a slightly higher mowing height will help shield the turf base from sunlight and help keep the soil moist.

Authors Note

I generally dislike dethatching for the simple reason that it has a tendency to damage turf, this is especially true for grasses that spread via rhizomes. My preference is to aerate as aerating breaks up the thatch and helps it along in the decomposition process.

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