Centipede Fertilization and Watering

Centipede Fertilizer

A good Centipede Fertilizer will have a low phosphorous content. Moderate amounts of nitrogen work best. 15-0-15 is  the ideal centipede fertilizer.  Alternatively, a Fertilizer with 16-4-8 nutrients can be used as well. Centipede should be fertilized in the spring, after the lawn has greened up. A rate of 1 to 2 pounds of nitrogen per 1000 Square feet is ideal. Fertilizers with the addition of Iron should be used. Iron supplements will contribute to a darker green color in a centipede lawn.

Centipede lawns do not respond well to heavy or frequent fertilization. High nitrogen content will induce fast but weak growth. As a result, this can make the lawn susceptible to disease and pests. Make sure to go light on how much fertilizer you use. Specifically, limiting fertilization to once per year will produce the best results.

Please refer to the section on fertilization for more details on fertilizing your centipede lawn.

DO NOT LIME Centipede. Centipede lawns prefer an acidic soil with a PH range of 4.5 to 5.5. Adding lime will raise the alkalinity, consequently creating an environment that is not centipede friendly!



Centipede is drought tolerant. Subsequently, Centipede will survive drought periods. Centipede lawns will do well on a low watering schedule. However, you should water regularly. This is especially true during periods of extended drought. Watering regularly ensure that it  will look better as well as helping your centipede lawn recover faster.

Ideally turf lawns should receive a minimum of 1-2 inches of water a week. More watering will produce a healthier, better looking lawn.


Lawn Sprinkler Watering
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For more information on Centipede please go to our Centipede Description Page.

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