Zoysia Mowing Aeration and Dethatching


Mowing recommendations for Zoysia are 1 to 2 inches.  I don’t recommend too low as this invites weeds with a any lawn. A 1½” cut is probably ideal to produce the best looking lawn. Since Zoysia e is a slow grower you do not need to mow it as frequently as other lawns, so cutting it short wont help much in terms of extending the amount of time between mowing.


It is recommended that the lawn be core aerated once a year, Zoysia can be aerated anytime during the growing season but it is recommended that it be done during early summer when growth is at it’s peak. Following aeration with fertilization and Lime for Optimal results.


General Recommendation on de-thatching – If there is more then 1/2” of thatch present (Thatch is the presence of dead leaves and stems that build up on the surface of the soil). You should power rake in the spring or fall. Authors Note – I generally dislike thatching for the simple reason that it has a tendency to damage turf, this is especially true for grasses that spread via rhizomes. My preference is to aerate as aerating breaks up the thatch and helps it along in the decomposition process.